Why You Should Consider Moissanite Engagement Rings Now More Than Ever Before


If you are thinking of proposing to her and it is taking longer to raise enough money to buy her diamonds, you don’t have to wait any longer. You may find great relief in purchasing moissanite rings which are a perfect alternative to diamonds, and they are trending due to their features.

Moissanite gemstones are unique stones which have a significant resemblance to that of diamonds, and sometimes it’s not easy to tell them apart unless you look at them under a magnifying glass or have a trained eye like that of an expert. They have been gaining popularity over the recent years and are currently one of the most sought-after gemstones to use for rings for various occasions as the economy continues to crunch.

Moissanite rings are cheaper than diamonds, but have the same style, appeal, and durability as diamonds. This makes them perfect for anyone trying to save some cash. Remember, the proposal is just the beginning; the wedding, the honeymoon, and the life after that still require to be budgeted for. You don’t want to spend all the money on the ring and fail to give her a special occasion or good life, and any sensible woman would understand that.

Just like diamond rings, moissanite rings come in various designs and cuts. You can have a craftsman lay your gem on different types of bands like gold, silver, platinum, and so on. When selecting a moissanite ring to buy for her, you have to put four things in mind; color, clarity, carat, and cut. The stones are colorless, but a few of them have a subtle yellow or green undertone when a particular type of light hits them. The most popular types are the round ones because they appear the whitest. Note that, the bigger the gem, the more its natural color is revealed.

The clarity of this gemstone is comparable to that of diamond, and you cannot see any imperfections using your naked eye. If you want to flaunt your moissanite gemstone, then you should go for a bigger carat because it will also display the color more. To maintain its brilliance, a moissanite stone is not cut the same way as diamond despite their significant resemblance. To find out which cut would meet your specific needs, it is advisable to consult a jeweler who has sufficient knowledge about this gemstone. To learn more about Moissanite engagement rings, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/buying-an-engagement-ring/.


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